Thank you for introducing me to this amazing product, Illumin. Finally, we have something that worked!!! After trying out the product, my skin is brighter and not irritated. My skin is very hyper pigmented and it is very hard to treat, but your Illumin makes it so much better and is gentle. That's why I did not hesitate to order it right away.

J.L., Oshawa, Ontario.

llumin is an excellent product, can be used twice daily with only minimum flaking after about three days and that resolved quickly. The serum can be used on the delicate under eye area. After about ten days I saw an improvement in the hyperpigmented lesion under the eye. My skin looks brighter and fresher!

S.N., Belleville, Ontario

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying using the RejudiCare products you gave me. I have been using them since August and my skin has lost it’s dryness and is now looking hydrated and very healthy. One thing I love about this skin care system is that id does not leave you with red flecking skin, but it still lightened up all of my sun damage spots so much that with little make-up they are unnoticeable. Even without make-up my skin looks so much better. The products are very easy to use and my skin always feels really clean after I used them. My friends and clients at work have noticed the difference and ask me what I am using on my skin. Thank you for allowing me to try this product, I recommend it to everyone who wants healthy looking skin.

I.G., Toronto, Ontario