RejudiCare Synergy Exfobrite

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RejudiCare Synergy™ Exfobrite

Exfoliating and Brightening Gel

A fast action gel that delivers flawless, younger looking skin

This facial scrub harnesses the medicinal powers of amber to slough away dead skin cells and restore skin to its natural, youthful appearance.

Rapid Results
  • Brightens and softens the skin in 3 days
  • Evens out skin tone in 3 weeks
  • Plumps the skin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles in 3 months
Powerful Synergy of Proven Ingredients
  • Glycolic Acid, the AHA gold standard
    • Starts diminishing fine lines and wrinkles immediately
    • Penetrates deeply to stimulate collagen production
  • Mandelic Acid, the new AHA on the block
    • Suitable for oily skin due to its lipophilic properties
    • Very efficacious in brightening skin and improving the complexion
    • Powerful anti-tyrosinase, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it an ideal choice for redness-prone skin
  • Argan Oil, Caper Bud Extract and Mandelic Acid form an extraordinary anti-inflammatory complex that soothes skin
  • Tested by dermatologists
  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritating and fragrance-free
  • An elegant and easy to apply gel
  • Will normalize all skin types for a gorgeous, glowing complexion
  • Unsightly dark spots will be visibly diminished
  • Continuous use will reduce all signs of aging
  • A perfect complement to the RejudiCare Synergy System, providing a younger, healthier appearance