Emolia Moisturizing Cream from RejudiCare Synergy


Moisturizing Cream

Triple-action moisturizer formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients to help dry, inflamed and dehydrated skin.

Emolia takes moisturization to the next level with a synergistic blend of ingredients that provides three levels of hydration to moisturize, protect, and soothe dry skin.


Emolia works in three ways to bring moisture into the skin without a heavy occlusive that can clog pores and feel uncomfortable on the skin.


Immediate Emollient Effect
  • Argan oil is a lightweight emollient that adds lipids to the skin to repair the skin barrier
  • Dry skin is instantly soothed and able to heal with time


Hydration From Within
  • AHAs stimulate hyaluronic acid, naturally generating moisture from within the skin
  • Increases overall hydration to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Restore Natural Moisture
  • MMPA stimulates the entire pathway of the NMF, supporting the skin’s natural surface hydration
  • The youthful activity of skin is restored, allowing skin to better retain moisture
Emolia continues repairing and soothing aging skin with these specially selected support ingredients:
  • Unique peptideTT-2 slows aging at the cellular level, resulting in younger skin cells that are firmer and more supportive of healthy skin hydration
  • Multiple Anti-inflammatory ingredients (bioactive flavonoid, Argan Oil, Mandelic Acid) work to reduce irritation associated with dehydrated, dry skin